Why You need Mindful Coloring

Watching the pandemic news, working from home, kids home from school, schedules a mess….who can relate? As a mom, like me, you probably feel the burden of keeping the peace in the house, meal preparation, etc. Keeping the kids balanced as well as your spouse. I’m not sure why we take this on, but it seems instinctual.

In the wake of this corona virus craziness we all need a very simple way to relax and reduce stress. A daily practice of coloring can calm the mind and stay positive. Keep you mentally healthy to prioritize what matters.

Coloring has the ability to relax the fear center of your brain, the amygdala. It induces the same state as meditating by reducing the thoughts of a restless mind.

beaumont.org – health benefits of coloring for adults

You don’t have to look far to realize mindful coloring has several benefits. The following are just to name a few benefits according to Alfred James – author of Pocket Mindfulness

  • relieving stress
  • replacing patterns of negative thinking
  • encouraging yourself to be present
  • escaping the rat race
  • building mental strength
  • relaxing and having some fun

And a study noted by Psychology Today’s blog indicates after a week of daily practice it displayed significantly lower levels of anxiety and depressive symptoms.

What you need is 5 to 15 minutes (or more if you can) to just relax the mind, to concentrate on the positive. Coloring is so simple. You will find it really does help bring you into the present and give your mind that break and calm it needs.

An added benefit is the end result can be shared to spread some happiness and positive feelings in others.

If you interested in getting a mindful coloring book, here is a link to get one on Amazon.

Coronavirus – Mindfulness Derailed

3 simple things we can do to move forward in times when mindfulness is difficult.

If you’re anything like me: full time employee, mom of children in school, daughter of mother with alzheimer’s, spouse to now anxious husband…your mindful journey may be disrupted too. How do we get back on track. How do we keep our friends and family on track around us?

For some, their kids are out of school, others may have been home teleworking, and some have been sick. I’m praying, that anyone that gets this virus we recover quickly. And praying the financial stability of our world will return quickly.

Praying, (if you do this) is a way of releasing control…giving it to someone or something else. This is a great way to allow yourself to let go of things that may be too big to conquer alone. Ask yourself what it would feel like to give it to someone else to worry about while you plan for what’s to come.

Letting go, to me, is simply accepting what is…to be prepared for what’s next.

I’m not suggesting we stick our head in the sand. We can definitely take a moment to think of what we do have control over. For me, I have control over how I react to the craziness around me. I have control over not spreading panic or negativity. I even have some control over my health and wellbeing. I have some limited influence over reminding family and friends to be mindful in times like these. In turn, it is also a reminder to my own journey.

Bring it on.

So, what are some simple things we can do to proceed in times of mindfulness is difficult. It entails some planning for the days ahead to prevent heightened anxieties…I’m going to do the following for my family.

  1. Plan for items that promotes good sleep. Such as journaling, reading, or relaxing music before bed. Journaling can consist of just writing down things/feelings on your mind or even a simple todo list. Remind family and friends of these techniques.
  2. Plan for 15 minutes a day for something mindful with someone. Such as coloring, walking meditation, or observing nature (like photography). I’ve been finding these to be helpful and alternating between them..even before the stress of a virus.
  3. Let go of what is not in my control. This is where praying comes in to play for me. It could be other things for you. Such as, having gratitude for the universe and people we hold dear.

There are several more things we can do to promote mindfulness. But these are the ones I have in my toolbox at this time. They seem reasonable to me and I am a woman of moderation at heart.

We will persevere through these times.