How Cookies Help a Family Cope.

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I’m betting, Ruth Graves Wakefield , the inventor of the the Nestles Toll House Cookies, never expected it to be an $18 billion industry. I’m also betting she never expected a blog to be written about why chocolate chip cookies can help families cope in times of turmoil, such as with a virus pandemic in our times of 2020.

Schedules were bumped, schools closed, no longer can go to friends houses. Then add on news agencies counting the dead on a counter for each area of the world. Seriously, I wonder if that is really necessary. Luckily this will be temporary, but still traumatic for everyone.

The very first day of quarantine, I didn’t see the kids for most of the day.

I wasn’t too concerned because they are teens and and doing their own stuff like art, reading, texting, gaming, mostly on the internet. And it was a Friday, but as Saturday rolled in…I┬ánoticed some seclusion and withdrawal from the kids…oh, who’s kidding the whole family was getting a bit distant. I had to think of some easy ways to get us to the ‘table’ per se. Especially, when mom and dad start working all day from home and the kids haven’t started back to school.

Everyone needs something to look forward to in the afternoon.

Even if it’s that afternoon coffee. I thought of my mother, with alzheimer’s, being in one place all the time and how she used to love having the 2 o’clock fresh baked cookie hour. I miss my mom right now with all the quarantines, and I thought this could serve as a reminder of my mom (aka grandma) as well as a nice family meet up during the day.

Sunday night I created the full 5 dozen cookie toll house batch and divided into 6 zip locks and put one in the fridge and the rest in the freezer.

Monday (Day 1) I started the quarantine 2 o’clock cookie hour in our house.

We all take a break when the cookies are done and see each other and have a couple laughs, talk about what we’ve done, and what’s for tomorrow. Having something to look forward can really create some consistency in a time uncertainty.