Try Binaural Beats

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I am recommending you try binaural beats and here is why.

Focus is definitely a skill, and I am looking into several ways to optimize. I ran across a type of music/sounds that can help with all kinds of focus and attention optimizations. It’s utilized in sound therapy, it’s used to help relaxation at spas, and in a variety of health promoting ways. It’s called binaural beats.

Binaural Beats is a type of brainwave entertainment. These type of audio sounds are known to induce enhanced focus, entranced state, relaxation, and sleep. I’m not going too deep into the science of it, but the sounds come in different frequencies from each ear and the brain meshes them into one frequency creating an optimal state in the brain for different benefits.

I have jumped on the bandwagon, even though it took me a while to get here. These audio sounds really helped me focus on a task I had been avoiding and easily distracted from.

I learned about this information from They provide pre mixed sound downloads to use for many benefits from sleep to focus, pain and healing, anxiety and stress, and relaxation and meditation. I liked them so much, I’ve partnered to promote them on my blog.

The guide to choosing the right frequencies is a bit subjective and has been noted that the brains interpretations can be different by gender and/or by hormonal states. I was primarily curious about Focus and Attention. So before exploring the Beta and Gamma offerings on Binaural Beats Meditation site, I also tried a few on youtube. I liked the option of choosing by frequency type and the ability to listen to a sample and download on their site rather than searching on youtube, although they do charge for this convenience.

I experimented and listened to several in different frequencies from Alpha to Gamma. I spent about 2 hours solid at a task I was not entirely excited about listening to the Beta frequencies. I felt they really did give me more focus and distracted any senses to take me off task. I only had one or two from my youtube trials give me a bit of anxiety, so be picky on your choices.

To get the most out of these binaural beats, you will need to use headphones. You will still enjoy the music, but your brain will not be stimulated the same way to mesh the frequencies together.